Connectivity and IT
for your Yacht

We offer managed solutions for VSAT, 4G/5G and wifi connectivity, unlimited 4G/5G Airtime plans, TVSAT and content packages systems, IT, IoT, network and Cybersecurity infrastructure, NMEA2000 monitoring and alarm managed systems.

What we do

We offer the best and more flexible Connectivity, Airtime, TVSAT, IT, IoT, monitoring and Cybersecurity managed Solutions for yachts and super yachts


Managed VSAT Connectivity Solutions with added value applications


Marine TVSAT systems and content packages for onboard entertainment



Managed 4G/5G Connectivity Solutions for near shore communications


VSAT Ku and C band global or regional coverage. Unlimited 4G/5G data packages


Integration and management of IoT Solutions for remote monitoring


We remotely take care of all your onboard IT and network infrastructure


We keep your IT systems and networks safe from internal and external threats



Sensors, information displays and alarm management for NMEA2000 systems



IP based surveillance systems with local and remote access to live and recorded content

Let your yacht have the freedom to explore all the seas

Our Content & Connectivity team at TMS Maritime Solutions helps you with the best connections so you can watch anything you want, anywhere! Whether it’s live TV or the internet, near the coast or out in remote areas, our team knows the options for 4G/5G or satellite connections.

Our Team

TMS Maritime Solutions is a truly diverse company where talent is combined with experience to drive our business forward.

Our deep understanding of how to apply technology and our ability to anticipate constantly evolving customer requirements are the true force behind our success. The diversity and knowledge of our team is the key to our company.

When it comes to troubleshooting, our experience allows us to proceed with maximum efficiency and speed.

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  • Connectivity

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